Halloween Party 2019 

We had a wonderful time at our spooky and festive Halloween Party this year, on Saturday October 26th. Thank you to all of the children, parents, and guests who were able to celebrate with us this year. Everyone looked so adorable in their costumes!



Star Kids teachers and children all worked together to decorate the school inside and out with tons of festive and creative arts and crafts. The children created swaying ghosts, smiling Frankensteins, laughing jack o lanterns, pumpkin patches and creepy, crawling spiders. The teachers prepared a giant spiders, a sassy black cat, dangling lanterns, and spider webs all over the school. 

Star Kidsの子どもたちと先生たちはみんなで、個性的な、ハロウィンの飾り物を沢山作りました。ほとんどすべて手作りだったり、子どもたちの製作だったりしました。子どもたちは園で、ゆらゆらするお化けや、ニコニコしたフランケンシュタインや、かわいいかぼちゃなどを準備してくれました。


After greeting each other and saying hello, we all came together for music time. We sang and danced about emotional pumpkins, shaking bones, trick or treating, and even managed to shoo away some scary monsters! 



After that, we played old fashioned carnival style games. We had a homemade, skeleton version of the classic game whack a mole. There was a witch hat ring toss corner to enjoy too! The children enjoyed making spiders race with straws. I wonder how many points everyone got in the jack o lantern ball toss game! 



After everyone had a turn (or two) playing their favorite games, we cleaned up and hit the road for some good old fashioned trick or treating! We visited local businesses in the Daimon/Hamamatsucho area. Thank you so much to the local businesses for your cooperation and festive cheer. You made our little dinosaurs, princesses, hot dogs, witches and everyone else who came have a great Halloween! 

カーニバルの後は、昔ながらのトリックオアトリートをしに出かけました!大門・浜松町近辺で、お菓子をたくさんもらって、歩き回りました。子どもたちを迎えてくれた近所の方たち、ご協力をありがとうございました。おかげさまで、Star Kidsのプリンセスたちと、魔女たちと、恐竜たちとか、本格的なハロウィンを経験できました!

Christmas Is Coming!

We hope to see you all at our Christmas Party. It will be on Saturday, December 7th from 10:00-12:00. 




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