Summer School 2024 (日本語は下記) Welcome to Star Kids International Preschool! We don’t just learn English, we learn IN English. Join us for our Summer School program 2024. Japanese Youchien & International friends are all welcome!    Ages: 3 to 6 years old   Courses: 

Halloween Blog 2023

Halloween 2023 Thank you to all of our parents and guests for helping us make this year’s Halloween Party another fantastic memory at Star Kids.  Children worked so hard to make the Halloween decorations for their party. Parents were delighted to see their children’s creativity displayed in the

Summer School Blog 2023

Photos and Japanese below 日本語と写真は下記   Summer 2023 We had an excellent summer this year at Star Kids!    Summer school was a blast. We learned so much and made new friends along the way as well. It was lovely to see them blossom throughout the program and become even more

Summer School 2023

SUMMER IS HERE! (日本語は下記) It’s almost Summer here in Tokyo and we are so ready to have fun in our Summer School Program!    At Star Kids we offer hands-on, fun based learning in English for children ages 3 to 6 years old.  Children learn about science and culture along with t

Halloween Blog 2022

Happy Halloween!    Thank you to all of our students and parents for making this year’s Halloween Party wonderful. We were so delighted to see Star Kids  parents join us by wearing outstanding costumes along with their children.  ハロウィンパーティーに参加していただいた

Summer School Blog 2022

Thank You We had a wonderful summer here at Star Kids! We hope you all had a cheerful and exciting summer this year, too!    Star Kidsでは素敵な夏を過ごせました! 皆様はいかがでしたか?   Thanks to you all, Summer School 2022 was very productive! The children lear

Summer School 2022

Summer School 2022 (日本語は下記)   It’s almost time for summer school! Are you planning to stay in Tokyo this summer? If so, please join us for our annual summer school program. We are planning a new and exciting curriculum every week from July 25th to August 26th for children ages

Halloween Party 2021

Happy Halloween How was your Halloween this year? We had a great time at Star Kids! 皆さん、今年のハロウィンはどうでしたか?Star Kidsのハロウィンパーティーはとても楽しかったです! On October 29th, we held a private Halloween Party for our students. 10

Summer School Blog 2021

Summer School Blog 2021   We hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation this year! At Star Kids, we learned so much during our 5 week Summer School Program.  みんなさん、素敵な夏休みを過ごせましたか?スターキッズのサマースクールプログラムでは、沢