Thank You

We had a wonderful summer here at Star Kids!

We hope you all had a cheerful and exciting summer this year, too! 


Star Kidsでは素敵な夏を過ごせました!



Thanks to you all, Summer School 2022 was very productive! The children learned so many new things and made memories with their closest friends, and new friends, as well. 




Making Memories


We had a refreshing water gun battle and admired cicadas in Shiba Park. Even on rainy days, we moved our bodies indoors by playing competitive games like musical chairs, hot potato, dancing, karaoke, yoga, and so much more. 




The children learned about a new theme every week during summer school. 




We spent the first week learning about Superheroes. They created their own superhero and even learned about the magic of superpowers by participating in hands-on science experiments. 




The second week of summer school was all about LEGOs! Children used the colorful blocks to practice mathematics and build their creativity. 




Children pretended to camp on the third week of summer school. They made adorable paper plate frogs, and made specialized camp scene portraits with their own photos. 




Science experiment week was so much fun! Children were surprised to see salt dance to the vibrations of sound waves. They made their own tin foil boats and sank them with LEGOs in a tub of water, too! 




The last week of summer school was such a special experience for the children. They made their own costumes and performed classical children’s stories. Please check out our special blog with photos and videos of their performances. 




We are looking forward to seeing you again next year! 






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