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Hello everyone and wow, is it February already? Wait, it’s almost March? Where has the time gone? Oh, I know! We’ve been busy playing and having fun while learning everything there is to know about health and safety.

But it doesn’t stop there, not only have we been learning about health and safety, we have been learning just a little bit about the turning of the seasons too, welcoming in the beginning of spring in the traditional Japanese way and scaring away the “demons” (sending away the bad luck) by throwing soy beans at them!

As always, we took lots of pictures so be sure to look out for those!

Now, how have we been learning about health and safety?
Well, here are just a few of the things we have learned about in class:

Germs, what they are and how they can spread.
How to kill germs and how to wash our hands properly.
What to do when we sneeze and cough so we don’t spread germs.
Our body temperature, how to check it and how to know when we are sick.
Fevers and what to do when we have one (stay cool and get lots of rest!)
How much we weigh and how tall we are.
Going to the hospital, x-rays, and seeing the doctor.
Traffic lights, busy roads and how to cross the street safely.

These are just SOME of the things we have learned since coming back to school and, to help us learn all these things, we also wrote some new songs about health and safety!








This first one is easy, if you know how to sing B.I.N.G.O. It’s the same tune, we just changed the words.

S.T.O.P. Stop!
When you want to cross the street
Red light means don’t go.
S.T.O.P. Stop!
S.T.O.P. Stop!
S.T.O.P. Stop!
Then green light means to go.

To make this more fun, divide the class down the middle with an imaginary road. Make up some simple actions for the song. The children do the actions and wait until “green light means to go” before they cross the road. It’s simple but the kids all love hurrying across the imaginary road. Make sure they all have their hands in the air when they do!

We also wrote an original song so it’s a bit difficult to post the tune here (maybe one day we will record some of our original songs) but here are the lyrics.

You don’t have to call when you’re feeling fine
But if you have a fall call 119
The people in the Ambulance will come and pick you up
And take you to the hospital so they can fix you up.

When you’re very sick call any time
Remember the number is 119
The people in the Ambulance will come and pick you up
And take you to the hospital so they can fix you up.

As you can see, the children were learning about emergencies and the correct number to dial in Japan if there is an emergency (which we also found out is the same number in Taiwan!).

The next song has nothing to do with health and safety but it was written by the children almost randomly one afternoon and it is so cute I just had to include it here.

Firefly fly
Out in the night
How do you see?
Where is you light?
There’s a light
In your bottom!
There’s a light
In your bottom!

(children, can you imagine being a firefly?)

When you wake up
Alone at night
It’s too dark to see
Wouldn’t it be nice
To have a light
In your bottom!
Nice to have a light in your bottom!

Firefly fly fly
Out in the night
Firefly fly fly
Where is your light
Firefly fly fly
It must be nice
To have a light
In your bottom!
Nice nice nice
To have a light
In your bottom.

So that’s our firefly song. Isn’t it cute?!


Here are a few links to some great YouTube videos all about health and safety. Watch them together at home and you too can learn about germs, hospital visits and how to stay healthy!

Having an X-Ray

Katie Gets Her Cast

Peppa Pig – Hospital

Germ Smart – Wash Your Hands

Sid The Science Kid – Germs!

You can use these videos to review what we have been learning at school. YouTube can be a great resource with some wonderful videos to help the kids learn but please be careful to monitor what they watch and how much.

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Finally, as promised, here are the photos of our kids having fun learning all about health and safety. Until next time, we hope you all stay healthy and safe! We’ll be back with our next blog update later in the spring.


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