Summer School 2020 


How are you enjoying summer this year? We have had so much fun at Star Kids learning and playing during our Summer School Program. It was so nice to see so many new and old friends. 

今年の夏は楽しく過ごせていますか?Star Kidsのサマースクールプログラムでは、毎日がとても楽しかったですよ!今年も新しい友達も、懐かしいお友達も参加してくれました。


7月20日~22日   Hawaiian Paradise ハワイアン・パラダイス


For the first week, we learned about Hawaii and other tropical islands. The children made sparkly pineapples, hula hats and even got to make Tiki men for the classroom! 



7月27日~31日   Outer Space 宇宙


Next, we flew into outer space for a galactic adventure! We learned about rocket ships and even created our own imaginary planets! The children learned about orbit in an interactive activity, spinning around each other as the sun, moon and Earth do. They were so giggly (and a little bit dizzy, too)! 



8月3日~7日          Pirates and Treasure Hunting 海賊と宝物探し


After that, we spent one week pretending to be daring pirates! The children were sent on a treasure map and treasure hunt in their own classroom. Their teamwork was so impressive! They created their own colorful pirate ships. They wore captain hats and eye patches of paper and explored the seven seas! Ahoy Matey! 



8月11日~14日      Exploring Science Experiments サイエンス 


Then, the children dusted off their lab coats and became mini scientists for a week of science experiments. They learned about mixing water and oil. They made rainbow rain clouds out of shaving cream. They tested which one their classroom items will sink or float in water, too! 



8月17日~21日        Dinosaur Adventure 恐竜の冒険 


After that, we spend one week learning about everyone’s favorite: DINOSAURS! We made some googly eyed dinosaurs and painted a dinosaur silhouette sunset. The children made lifelike fossils with imprints of their favorite dinosaurs too! 



8月24日~28日        Countries of the World 世界の国・文化


Lastly, the children learned about their teachers’ countries! They had the chance to see their teachers’ special items from their own home countries. They learned about American BBQs and the 4th of July as they wore festive red, white and blue hats that look like the United States’ flag. They saw colorful and shiny home decorations and bags from India. Then they made a diya craft for Diwali. They saw a real flag from the Philippines. They got to make Filipino parol decorations, too!  They learned about Australian wildlife and made their own adorable koala bears. They also learned about Japanese cherry blossom picnics called “Hanami”. They It was so nice to share our cultures with the children. 



Thank you again for joining us! 



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