Ueno Zoo 上野動物園

On July 11, 2018, Star Kids had a field trip to Ueno Zoo with our Preschool class. The children were accompanied by JD Sensei, Nash Sensei and Nichole Sensei. We rode the Yamanote Line from Hamamatsu Station straight to Ueno. It was so much fun!




We saw exotic birds, a whole family of gorillas, elephants, sleepy hippos, and hungry giraffes just to name a few. The tiger was pacing back and forth. The polar bear was eating fish and swimming around. The penguins are playing tag in the water, too.




It was so hot that day. We took breaks and drank lots of water. We brought our lunches from home and ate them in the shade. We even stopped and had some shaved ice before going back to school. We made lots of great memories together. We can’t wait until the next field trip.



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