Star Kids Trip to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa



On June 20th, Kindergarten Class took a trip to Maxwell Aqua Park Shinagawa


It was our first field trip in a long time, so the children were so excited! We set off with our backpacks on. Maxwell Aqua Park Shinagawa here we come!

There were so many tanks lit up beautifully within the facility. The children laughed and played around jellyfish lit up with rainbow lights. There were so many different kinds of jellyfish. Then we explored an underwater tunnel full of massive sea creatures. It was amazing to see how small we feel when submerged and surrounded by exotic deep marine animals. 


Children enjoyed a fantastic dolphin show. Most of our children were waiting for this show patiently. We were amazed by the dolphins’ athletic tricks. Children’s eyes were wide and jaws were dropped when the dolphins jumped almost to the ceiling and the performers flew off the dolphins’ noses! 


The seals, otters and penguins were so fluffy and adorable. Children played with the curious creatures through the glass. They seemed to find each other so cute. 


The trip was amazing. It was priceless for teachers to be able to watch children all happy and excited like never before!

We can’t wait for more adventures with you all!  















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