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Summer 2023

We had an excellent summer this year at Star Kids! 


Summer school was a blast. We learned so much and made new friends along the way as well. It was lovely to see them blossom throughout the program and become even more creative and confident than before.


Children explored science through a variety of hands-on experiments. They launched balloon rockets across their classroom, and catapulted pom poms towards stuffed animals for points! The children played with water by testing what things sink, and which float. We made rain clouds of our very own using jars, water, food coloring and shaving cream too! Now we know how rain falls from the sky! 


We spent a week creating our own little Hawaiian paradise. We decorated our class with Tiki men, made by the children themselves! They came out so beautifully. We made lei crowns and necklaces and practiced a bit of hula dancing. Their smiles complimented their smooth dance moves. 


Children loved learning about ocean animals in the fourth week of summer school. They assembled radiant rainbow turtles using paper plates. They created the most adorable googly eyed crabs we’ve ever seen! Their favorite was their handmade shark hats. They built it themselves! Then they danced to “Baby Shark” in style. Children learned how to create their own fish toys using colorful fins and scales together too. It was a special experience for the children to enjoy art, science, pretend play and music, all at the same time.


For the last week of summer school, they blasted off into space. They assembled metallic rocket ships using origami paper. They created their own planets and stars using paint and chalk! The children were very familiar with the solar system and shared fun facts with each other during lesson time. 


We hope you all had a fun and safe summer this year. We loved having you all. Hope to see you again next year! 


今年もStar Kidsの夏は最高でした! 








4週目は海の動物たちについて学ぶことを精一杯楽しみました。紙皿にティッシュペーパーを貼り付けて鮮やかなカメさんが出来上がりました。 子どもたちはギョロ目のカニさんの製作をエンジョイしました。 ですが、みんなが一番興奮したのはサメさんの王冠かもしれません。自分たちで作ったサメさんの王冠をかぶったまま、Baby Shark を踊りました。カラフルなお魚さんのおもちゃの作り方も学びました。サイエンスもごっこ遊びも音楽も、工作をすべて同時に楽しく学べて素敵でした。 


最後の一週間は宇宙までみんなで冒険しました!折り紙を使って、キラキラのロケットが上手に出来上がりました。絵の具とチョークで惑星やお星様を想像して描きました。 以前、子どもたちは宇宙について学んだことを未だに覚えているようで、レッスンするたびに先生に豆知識を教えてくれました。


今年の夏は楽しい思い出がいっぱいできました! また来年も宜しくお願いします。







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