Summer School

Hello everyone!

Wow! Can you believe how long it’s been since our last update? Too long!

With our Summer School coming to an end and the approach of autumn, we thought NOW is the time for another blog entry! It’s hard to believe our last update was in spring! Let’s see… What’s happened since our last update? Well, we learnt about flowers, plants, and soil; we planted our own bean sprouts using repurposed plastic drink bottles, and we watered them every day, watching them grow almost all the way to the ceiling! We also wrote a new song about trees and how they grow. We even conducted some fun science experiments too!

Then we began our Summer School, which was super fun!

First, we learned all about the fun things people do in Japan every summer: fireworks, festivals, masks, games, and traditional Japanese dancing!

Following our introduction to summer in Japan we welcomed some old friends back to Star Kids along with some new friends and we spent a week being pirates! We made swords and hats, eye patches and hooks, we sailed on a pirate ship (which we built and painted in class), made treasure maps and buried treasure! We also wrote a fun, original song about being pirates!

After our adventures with the pirates, we went swimming with the turtles in Hawaii, set up a tent and went camping in the woods, and we explored the ocean and met some amazing sea creatures. We had six full weeks of Summer School this year, and they were so much fun!

We also had a LOT of fun outside spraying each other with water and blowing bubbles (it wouldn’t be Summer School without water and bubbles). It was a wonderful summer! Of course, we could write about everything we did but it might be more fun to check the pictures. We took so many!

You can check out a selection of our Summer School photos and more at the end of this blog.

If you want your child to join us at Star Kids we still have places available in our Preschool program, just send us an email or give us a call. You can find all our information on our contact page. Our next open event will be Halloween on October 29th. Numbers are limited so make sure to send us an email soon to reserve your place!

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As promised, here are the photos!

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