When:  Saturday, December 15th  12月15日(土)

Time: 10:00 am ~12:00 pm

For Ages: 1 ~ 6 years 1歳~6歳

Fee: ¥1,500 per child お子様一人 ¥1,500

Let’s Celebrate!

Winter is coming! That means it’s time for Star Kids’ annual Christmas Party again! Who else is ready for carols and festivity?

冬がやってきましたよ!いよいよStar Kidsのクリスマスパーティーが近づいてます。クリスマスキャロルやアクティビティに参加しますか?

The Halloween Party this year was a huge success. We had so many friends, new and old, join us for spooky fun! This time we will celebrate the jolliest time of the year with singing, dancing, games and lots of joy. Parents and children both please feel free to dress up in Christmas accessories or clothing! We can’t wait!

2018年のStar Kids Halloween Partyは大成功しましたね!懐かしいお友だちや新しいお友だちやいつものお友だちみんなで盛り上がりました。クリスマスも同じようにワイワイ楽しくお祝おうと思ってます!大人もお子様も遠慮なくクリスマスっぽいアクセサリー付けてみてください。


You can look forward to some absolutely adorable Star Kids original dances full of sass and harmonious singing from our Preschool class. We will have Christmas themed games designed for all ages to enjoy and even some story time!

Star Kidsのプリスクール組からはお尻ふりふりとかわいいパフォーマンスを楽しみにしててくださいね!クリスマスキャロルのパフォーマンスもございます。その後は幅広い年齢の子どもにぴったりなゲームとストーリータイムを楽しめます。

Contact Us

Children who are not students at Star Kids are also very welcome to join us. Spots are limited, so please reserve your spot early. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!



Please call us at 03-6452-9470 or email us at info@starkids-japan.com to make a reservation.

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