Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

This year has really flown by so quickly! It seems like just yesterday we were having fun in Summer School and taking an exciting trip to Ueno Zoo even though it was a little hot. Now it’s freezing cold and almost time for Christmas and New Year.



Thank You

We had a really great year at Star Kids thanks to all of our amazing kids and their wonderful parents. We made so many new friends this year and even said goodbye to a few, too. We had such a great time playing and learning together. Watching the children grow and progress together is truly priceless.

Star Kidsの子どもたちと保護者様のおかげで今年は素晴らしい一年になりました。新しいお友だちができた時もありましたし、いつものお友だちとお別れする時もありました。みんなで一緒に沢山遊んだり学んだりすることがすごく楽しかったです。先生たちは子どもたちの成長を見ることできて、最高に嬉しかったです。


Christmas Party

On December 15, 2018, Star Kids held a Christmas Party for friends old and new. We started off with a silly photo booth where parents, children and teacher could get super silly and jolly. We set up props like reindeer antlers, sparkly hats, gigantic glasses, and a Santa beard right next to a colorful background. Everyone got to choose their own favorite props and posed together for pictures!

Star Kidsのクリスマスパーティーは12月15日に行われましたが、いつものお友だちも新しいお友だちも参加してくれました。一番最初は、フォトブースが手作りでクリスマス風に用意してありました。親子も先生もみんなでワイワイと楽しい写真がいっぱい撮れました。トナカイさんの角とキラキラしたクリスマスツリーのカチューシャを被ってみたり、サンタさんのひげとかも着けて、とても面白い思い出になりました。みんながそれぞれ自分のお気に入りのアクセサリーを選べて、家族と一緒に珍しくてかわいい写真を撮ることができました。


Next, we all came together for our Hello Song. After that, parents sat down to watch their big kids perform a mini Christmas Concert! They sang about falling snowflakes, danced to the classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and finally sang again about jingling bells.

その後はみんなで集まって、挨拶のHello Songを歌いながら踊りました。そして、親は座って、プリスクール組のパフォーマンスを見ました。プリスクール組はこのミニクリスマスコンサートのために一生懸命練習してたのです。雪の歌を歌って、クリスマスツリーのダンスをして、最後は鈴の歌を歌ってくれました。すごく上手にできましたよ!


Star Kids teachers prepared some really awesome games, so we had a Christmas themed carnival. Everyone got a chance to “Pin the Heart on the Grinch,” bowl with snowmen, and feed a hungry Santa and elf! We also did one group game, where each child paired up with one of their parents for a crazy obstacle course called “Santa’s Little Helper.” Children and parents alike had so many laughs with this challenging and exciting game. Some children even wanted to do the game one more time.

Star Kidsの先生たちはクリスマス風のゲームを用意してくれたので、パフォーマンスの後はゲームタイムを楽しく過ごしました。グリンチの貼り付けゲーム、雪だるまのボーリング、サンタとエルフの玉入れゲームを楽しみました。そして、みんなで集まって、「Santa’s Little Helper」というアクティビティをやりました。楽しいけど少し難しくて、親子で笑顔の様子をいっぱい見られました。もう一回やりたいと言う子どもたちもいました。

Story Time

After all of this excitement, it was time for everyone to sit down and relax with a story. We read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The children’s favorite part was when the Grinch got his terrible idea and made a silly face. They learned about how Christmas isn’t all about getting presents and eating good food. They learned that Christmas was about being together. For foreigners living abroad, the holiday season can make us homesick. Coming together for events like these, with friends and loved ones, we really get that sense of family and warmness we need at this time of year.



This year has been a roller coaster ride, but looking back on it, we all learned, grew and made progress on our adventure through 2018. We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year. We will return from our winter vacation on January 9th (Wednesday).



See you again soon! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!




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