Filming with Tokyo Metropolitan

Tokyo Metropolitan features foreigners and foreign run businesses on a site called Tokyo Talk to help promote life in Tokyo in English to foreigners abroad in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games. Star Kids International Preschool is owned and operated by foreigners. We had the honor of being filmed! JD Sensei was interviewed. She walks through the classrooms giving a glimpse of our school. The video is now featured on various social media platforms.

東京都庁報告課は2020年オリンピックに向かって、外国のみんなさんに東京の素晴らしさを伝えるために、Tokyo Talkというウェブサイトをやってます。Star Kids International Preschoolは外国人が経営しているものなんです。Star Kids特集が撮影されました!JD先生がインタービューされたものです。園内を案内しながら話してますので、園内の様子はご覧になれます。いくつかのソーシャルメディアでシェアされてます。

Grateful to Feel at Home

They asked us: Why Tokyo? JD sensei talks about her thoughts and intentions on creating a kindergarten in Tokyo. Tokyo is the city we love and feel so at home, regardless of our nationalities. Home is where the heart is!


Thank You

A special thank you to everyone who made this filming possible and the parents for their cooperation in the filming.



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