Summer School Blog 2021


We hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation this year!

At Star Kids, we learned so much during our 5 week Summer School Program. 



The children were able to run and play at Shiba Park. On sunny days, they chased butterflies and bubbles. On rainy days, they exercised inside the school. We enjoyed parachute time, yoga, fitness drills and dance parties! 





We had weekly themes for our Summer School curriculum. 



The children learned about Work Famous Artists and recreated famous artworks inspired by new artists every day of the week. 



The children spent two weeks doing science experiments. We did a different experiment every day! We used glitter, toys, food coloring and safe household items to create chemical reactions. The children were not expecting things in the experiments to slide, fly, foam up, blow up, and swirl the way they did! 



We spent another two weeks learning about countries of the world. They learned about different cultures and made extravagant crafts for each country.



Thank you to all the children and parents who joined us this summer! We hope to see you again soon. 



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