Thank you to all of our students, parents, and teachers for making 2019 such an amazing year! We made so many memories. It’s been a pleasure to learn and play with all of you.

Christmas Party


Thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas Party on Saturday, December 7th. We hope to see you again next year as well. 

At the Christmas Party, we started with a group song and dance. Then, we enjoyed performances from both our Daycare class (ages 1-3) and Preschool (ages 3-6)! They sang and danced after practicing their hardest for weeks. They were absolute superstars!

Then, we played games with our teachers and friends. There was Christmas bowling, a Mystery Box, and a festive obstacle course!

After lots of dancing a playing, the children were feeling more festive than ever! They were so happy to receive a special present from Star Kids as we finished our party.


Happy New Year

We hope 2020 is a great year too! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We will go on winter vacation from Saturday, December 21st until Tuesday, January 7th. We will open again from Wednesday, January 8th! Have a great vacation! 



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