Health and Safety at the Hospital

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is this month’s theme at Star Kids. It’s only been a couple of weeks since our last update but we’ve done so much since then it seems like months have passed!

How is everyone? I hope you are all well and keeping warm, although it seems the cold weather is almost over. We’ve had some lovely sunny days! We even had one day where the temperature went as high as 23 degrees! That’s almost unheard of for spring.

Recently there have been many cases of influenza affecting schools in Tokyo. We’ve been lucky with our little school so far. A couple of colds but nothing serious. Still, it is always best to take care. Remember to wash your hands regularly, gargle, and wear a mask if you feel you need to. It’s also best to keep your hands a way from your “T zone” (mouth, nose and eyes) where possible.

Actually, that leads us into what we have been studying in class! As part of the IPC Health and Safety unit, we have been learning about our bodies and what happens when we are injured or unwell, and how to best take care.

We like to do a lot of fun crafts at Star Kids but this month we have also been doing a lot of role playing. We’ve had scrapes, cuts and bruises, sprained ankles and broken bones, we’ve had coughs and fevers, and we’ve taken several trips to the hospital. We’ve put on band-aids and been wrapped in bandages, we’ve checked temperatures and applied cool gel sheets, and we’ve had our hearts and blood pressure checked. We’ve even had x-rays! It’s been a lot of fun! Needless to say we also took a LOT of photos. You can see them all below.

Circle Time Songs

Over the past few weeks we’ve been adding to our list of Circle Time songs. Some help us learn about the body, health and safety (and hygiene), and some are just silly fun songs to get us warmed up in the morning. Below is a list of songs we sing in class. I’ll try to provide links where possible so you can sing along at home!

Hello song
Days of the week
Months of the year
How’s the weather?
Heads, shoulders, knees & toes
Doctor Knickerbocker No. 9
Dancing Bones
Dingle dangle scarecrow
Ten little fingers
Family Finger Rhyme

Ah-choo (original song about sneezing)
My doctor’s bag (original song)

Other songs we like to sing throughout the day include Old MacDonald, the ABC song (of course) and BINGO. The children love to sing and dance!

Story Time

“There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” is still a favorite among the children but two other books have also become popular recently: “Dear Tooth Fairy” by Alan Durant and “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs” by Byron Barton. “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs” is especially good for colors and counting, and of course it has dinosaurs!

YouTube Links

Here are some videos you can watch at home. I’ve added links to some of the songs we sing in class plus there are some great videos here to help children learn about Health and Safety. For more videos and songs, please see our previous post “Setsubun Fun“. After the videos, be sure to check out our fun photos

Days Of The Week

Months Of The Year

How’s The Weather?

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

Peppa Pig: Hospital

Peppa Pig: Not Very Well


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As promised, here are the photos!


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