Christmas Party

Hello Moms and Dads! Did you enjoy our Christmas Party on December 2nd? We had a great time singing Christmas carols, dancing, having snacks and taking pictures with friends. We even had a special visit from Santa Claus himself! Since then, we also celebrated Setsubun by throwing beans at demons. Then we celebrated Valentine’s Day by making handmade gift for our moms and dads.

Learning About Countries

In February, we’ve been spending a lot of time learning about different countries and their flags. We learned about a different country every day, mainly focusing on the countries our students and parents are from. So far, we learned how to count to 10 in Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish! We made London Guard dolls and fans for Chinese New Year, too.

Money and Shopping, Springtime Fun

For March, be ready to learn all about Money and Shopping. We will learn to recognize Japanese currency and practice shopping in class. They’ll learn how money is earned and sell products they made themselves to each other. Upper kindergarten will also learn to estimate totals and prepare the proper amount due. When at home and around town, please involve them in purchases for extra practice. We’ll also be celebrating Holi, which is the Indian festival of colors. We will also have a picnic under the cherry blossom trees towards the end of the month when the trees are in full bloom. Lastly, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt at Shibakoen.


We are now taking admissions for Baby Steps, First Steps and Preschool. The new school year is just around the corner. Call or email us any time for information and to schedule a trial!


12月2日のクリスマスパーティー楽しんでもらえかな?お歌を歌ったり、ダンスしたり、お菓子を食べたり、お友達と一緒に写真を撮ったりしたもんね!サンタさんだって遊びに来てくれた!その時からは節分もやって楽しかったね!赤鬼と青鬼に豆を沢山投げて、今年はDemons Outができた気がするよ。最近なら、ママとパパにバレンタインも作ったけど、どう?喜んでくれたかな?




3月はお金と買物がテーマ!お金の価値や稼ぎ方と見分け方を全部頑張るよ。自分達が作ったクッズをお互いに売ってみたりするごっこ遊びも予定に入ってる。お年長さんはお会計の時にだいたいの予算を計算できるように練習する。家族で買い物する時も簡単な計算には練習させてあげてね!ホリーも楽しみにしててね。ホリーとはインドの色の祭りで、カラフルな遊びする日だよ。桜が満開になったら、芝子園でお花見する予定だけど細かい日にちは近くなったら連絡するよ!4月1日がイースターなので、月末にEaster Egg Huntする!

ただいまBaby Steps, First Steps, Preschoolは2018年度のお友達を募集してます!メールや電話で見学の予約を入れてくださいね!

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